Hello friends! I'm Ziggy!

I'm a handsome older gentleman searching for my forever home! I'm a rare cat breed, known as Khao Manee. My breed is known for being intelligent, vocal, and "enduringly naughty" which pretty much describes me to a T! I love to talk and have conversations with people! I also love to be the center of attention and will gladly walk on a harness or wear cute bowties if it means people are paying attention to me. This also means that I would prefer to be the only pet in the home, that way I can have all of your love for myself! I'm a senior kitty and not quite as active as I used to be and I appreciate soft beds a whole lot more. I also love to give hugs and get lots of pets! If you can't live without me for a second longer, come see me today!

Come see me and my adoptable friends at AAWL's Sonia Breslow Adoption center!
25 North 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Questions about me? Contact our shelter at 602-273-6852 ext. 103.




9 Years 7 Months



Adoption Fee



Cattery Lobby

Pet ID


My adoption fee already includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter Surgery
  2. Current on all vaccinations
  3. Microchip with free lifetime updates
  4. A bag of Halo Purely for Pets food
  1. SNAP test
  2. 1 take-home dose of Bayer Advantage Multi
  3. Access to our behavior helpline for the life of the animal
  4. 30 day trial of pet insurance